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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

This sucks! I hate being dead! I hate it more than life!

The clips don't do this movie justice, but this is definitely the funniest movie I've ever seen that looks like it was shot in two days and cost less than $10,000 to produce.

It's called High Strung, and we found it in the back of the video store in Bangor one day. The label said that Jim Carrey was the star, so we rented it.

This was false advertising. Jim Carrey has a cameo at the very end: most of the movie is footage of this guy walking around in his apartment complaining about life and wanting to die. Like I said, it's a comedy.

I think this movie is something of an acquired taste. Most notably, Matt's old girlfriend couldn't stand it. (Heh heh heh heh.)

If you hated the first clip, don't click on the second one, because you'll definitely hate it. However, I will note that this next clip does a really good job of showing the frustration that I sometimes feel when dealing with people who stifle creativity and insist on keeping the status quo. Not that I have anyone in mind right now, of course.


Mom said...

This was such a fun movie! I think we must've seen it 7 times before it was removed from the shelves at Movie Gallery. Just checked Netflix and you still can't get it.

In doing a bit of research I found that Jim Carrey's role was uncredited and this might be why it's nolonger available. There are 7 used copies VHS at ranging from $21.99 to $125.00.