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Monday, January 22, 2007

Update #2

You know those weird LSD-inspired pictures with hidden 3-D images? The ones you can only see by crossing your eyes, uncrossing them, standing on one leg and holding a leprechaun behind your back?

Yeah, you know what I mean.

I can’t see the damn things. (Yeah, I SAID DAMN! Leave me alone. I’m in withdrawal over here.)

I will sit there for twenty minutes staring at the odd squiggles, unable to see anything but odd squiggles, and then someone will walk up behind me and say something like Whoa, that’s the coolest spaceship I’ve ever seen! And the aliens! They’ve captured L. Ron Hubbard! Quick, alert Tom Cruise!

And even with the benefit of knowing what I’m supposed to look for, I can never see them.

Yes, this is all relevant. Shut up. I’ll get to my point when I’m good and ready, thank you very much. Where the hell are those cigarettes I bought during my lunch break?

A friend of mine gave his blog a title that apparently has some secret meaning, and I cannot figure out what it is. The problem is made worse by the fact that other people seem to be able to get it with little or no effort. What, am I stupid or something? One of my bosses keeps popping into my office with mysterious tips like “You’re thinking in the wrong way” or “Don’t worry about thinking outside the box – think in a different box.”


Anonymous said...

Maybe meaning is putting you off. Not to join the others in saying "think outside the box", here's a clue - the answer is in the name itself.