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Saturday, January 20, 2007


No, Uriel is not back. American Idol is back.

Specifically, the cringe-inducing first rounds are back.

I have heard that the early episodes of the show, featuring the bad singers, are more popular than the middle rounds that weed the contestants down to five or so. This is sickening. Can it be true? Would people really rather watch this:

than this:


[This is a Canadian clip, featuring my favourite performer from all of the Idol shows. Sorry about exposing you to Ben Mulroney. He is hard to avoid. Believe me, I've tried.]

These must be the same people who actually enjoy watching strangers yell random numbers at briefcases. This is not good programming, people!

The endless parade of bad singers is mind-numbing. I can't stand to watch for long, and certainly not for weeks on end. How many times can you watch Simon roll his eyes? It's amazingly boring. I already know what I'm going to see: two dozen bad singers (mostly performance artists or wanna-be actors looking for some TV time, a few genuinely sad people who may or may not have developmental disabilities) and one or two people who actually have some potential but who I won't really get to see for weeks.

Listen up, Fox network: I'm a woman between the ages of 25 and 34, I have a decent income and I've got enormous jugs. I'm pretty sure all of those things count for something in your world. Stop giving us bad programming. I know your stuff isn't all bad: you did bring us Arrested Development, after all. I believe there is still good in you. Search your feelings.


Torq said...

I am pretty sure that the reason that the earlier shows get better ratings is because they appeal to that nasty little part of us that actually enjoys watching poor people being made miserable. It actually makes us feel better to laugh at them and watch them be mocked for having the courage to try for something.
This is why Simon is on the show. He is mean to them and we smile and tisk at him for it, all the while feeling better about ourselves.

Nathan Holsapple said...

Man, what's with all the negativity?

Amy said...

Aw... come on. You can't be nice all of the time. As far as I'm concerned, these people are all just making a grab for the *new* American Dream, fifteen minutes of fame. Most of them figure that if Omarosa can make the pages of Us magazine in a story about her boobs, maybe they have a shot too.

The depravity is not in how the show exploits these people, but in how 20,000 people wait in sleet, snow, hail or heat for an opportunity to be made fun of, becaue it might get them on TV.

F***ing Americans.