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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Welcome, Amy

I don't know why I didn't do this earlier, but I have added another person to the links section.

Amy is a friend of mine from work and the reason this blog exists. When I read her blog for the first time last fall, I realized that she had found the solution to the ongoing Northern problem of falling out of touch with the rest of the family. I had been sending pictures through e-mail but that wasn't working very well, and we all hate using the phone.

It wasn't long after that that Amy's blog landed her on the front page of the local paper. (I'm not sure if that link will work for non-subscribers: let me know if you can't access the story. It is particularly nasty, so you might want to forget everything you've ever heard about Christians wanting to keep things in context.) She responded by stripping all of the content from her blog, then putting it all back up, then continuing with the court case -- yes, COURT CASE. This is an issue of some debate here in town. In fact, I've had fairly rowdy discussions with a dear friend of mine about the issue and eventually agreed to disagree.

This is why I call Amy The Famous One. Go take a look at her site.

The story in the link I've provided is basically a hatchet job. I ought to be clear that I don't agree with its tone and I think this story would have been much better as an analysis of whether the members of public boards should be able to state their opinions in public forums. I would do a LMK-i-A entry about this, but I'm afraid that I would lose my objectivity.


Amy H. said...

I was wondering why I had like 50 more hits to my page than usual, and then I read this. I also see that your brother benefits in the same way.

I think, Megan, that perhaps you are the famous one and not me? But I'll take it. It's like being Jennifer Aniston's assistant, close enough to have the cool sort of rub off, but not quite cool in my own right.