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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Another milestone

I knew I would probably reach my 2,000th visitor today.

I thought that I ought to do something nice for this person. Maybe surprise him or her with a drink.

I kept an eye on my site meter, which has been dreadfully slow for over a week now.

Around 4pm, I was able to determine that the 2,000th visitor had come to my site at 9:22:02 this morning and was...using a computer on my employer's network.

It was me.

STUPID STUPID STUPID. Can't I do anything right? I can't even do a 2,000th-visitor celebration without screwing it up. I totally suck. Why am I hitting myself? Why am I hitting myself? Why am I hitting myself?


The 2,0001st visitor came 43 seconds later, at 9:22:45. This person is using a Mac, is on the SaskTel network and has my site bookmarked. I think I know who it is. If you identify yourself and can prove your identity, I will buy you a drink.

Until then, I'm going to stay over here in the corner.


Glen said...

First, it's creepy how much you know about the visitors to the blog. Second, for a brief moment I was tempted to either hide or deny my identity, but really when was the last time I turned down a free drink. So YAY, 2001 was me!

So will it be my choice of drink, or will you be pushing some of that newfie screech on me? Whatever the beverage, I can't believe I have to wait until I'm back in town in May. This isn't a time limited offer is it? You made your offer, I've accepted, don't make me sue you. I'm learning how to do that in my next contracts class. You don't want me using my overpriced education against you, do you?

In the meantime though, I will simply bask in the honour of being number 2001.

Remember, if it wasn't such great reading, we wouldn't keep coming back.

Steve & Megan said...

Glen would have you believe that I have been holding him down and forcing the screech down his throat.

I assure you, this is not the case.