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Monday, October 27, 2008

Being David Hasselhoff

The Being David Hasselhoff Contest starts RIGHT NOW. I am actively soliciting entries. I want you to prove that you are David Hasselhoff. You can do it in any medium: I have many readers who are professional writers or photographers, including at least one poet. Last time, a music teacher ran away with first prize after shooting her own music video. I also received original songs, personal stories, photographs and a re-creation of the Hoff's most famous video (this entry took second place)

Your creativity always impresses me. I can't wait to see what you come up with this time. There are a few ways to submit entries:

  • E-mail them to me: dryas (at) theedge (dot) ca.
  • Post them on your own blog and send me the link.
  • Post them in the comments box.
First prize is space on this blog. Think of the fame! Second prize is a stormtrooper helmet. All participants will get link love. For inspiration, check out the list of finalists from last time.

And of course, I'll get you started.

UPDATED: Entries as of today:
Amy Reports On David Hasselhoff
Jen Is David Hasselhoff
Curtis Complains About David Hasselhoff
Anonymous Is David Hasselhoff
Karan Taps The Potential Of David Hasselhoff, Common Man
Shawn Reveals Ten Things About David Hasselhoff
Alex Jumps On Beds With David Hasselhoff
Cayley's Dog Is David Hasselwoof
Sally's Top Ten Reasons Why David Hasselhoff Rules
Michael Is David Hasselhoff
Zach Supports David Hasselhoff For Vice President
Steve Is David Hasselhoff


Anonymous said...

You are hilarious.

The Capitalist said...

Couldn't find a Cross???

Torq said...

Yeah, that jumped out at me too. Sorry, you loose points for breaking the milleux.

My computer is telling me that that word is somehow wrong... *Scratches head* Hmmm...

Megan said...

If you submit something to the contest, I'll tell you how to spell it. :)

To be clear: You do not have to submit photos. You can send stories, poems, original songs, videos, etc. Any medium will do. This contest only works if people enter.

nicole said...

Your shot is cool as usual & thanks for pointing the contest out to me :)
I'm not using my rss feeds lately, am reading most of the time (books that is) ;)

Karan said...

Thanks for the patch!!