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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Update #4

My name is Megan, and it has been 63 hours since I last attacked someone for abusing the English language.

I feel all giddy and night-before-Christmas-y. I am very proud of myself. By shrewdly closing my door and reading The Washington Post, I have avoided all temptation to correct grammar. This could be a good plan.

The best part is that my secret assignment starts in two hours. I have always known that I am better than the rest of you, but now I have certain proof.


Torq said...

Well I am happy that this is going so good for you. I certainly would not be one of those people, to do nothing more than attempt to sabotage those who are attempting to do something good for themselves but I did thing that you might want to know all about the new evolution of grammer that seems to say that whatever is common usage at the time is CORRECT english!!!!!!! Whelp... Gotta go!

The Blueberry Princess said...

I just knew by the way he was chuckling gleefully to himself that he was cooking up something evil. Please be aware that I have personally slapped him for you.

Torq said...

HEY!!! It's true... I have been slapped.