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Thursday, February 08, 2007


OK, so I've been found out.

I am going to tell you now, before you read it in The Washington Post and the media starts crawling all over it. (In my industry, this is called "getting ahead of the story".) Don't be surprised if Larry King wants to interview you.

Here goes.

I do not actually believe all of the things I write about on this blog.

And -- this is hard to admit -- some of the things I write about are complete fabrications.

Yes, I have been caught in my own web of lies.

This is probably hard to accept, after I have lied about so many things, but I am going to come clean about a few important matters.

So now you know.

Many people have suspected this, but nobody was ever able to prove it. Damn those investigative journalists! Why did they have to turn their piercing gaze to me? Are they jealous of my success? I think that must be it.

In all seriousness: This is a personal blog. You ought to know me. If you think I'm joking in a post, I'm probably joking. And no, I don't mean you any harm.

Also on a serious note: Come on, people! Don't set up a blog and then ignore it. It's like nobody understands what commitment is anymore.


Torq said...

I am not sure about Nate studying Hebrew but I would not bet against Ben getting drunk and passing out standing up at some random house!

The gas mask is actually true. It really IS only for medical purposes and she used it before she met me. She uses it for her asthma.

The Blueberry Princess said...

Matt, you're a punk! I do NOT wear a mask. I do own a variety of machinery, but nothing includes a mask. The burqa part is true though. Matt let me wear something else last night and I got crazy and had a party. Now it's back to the burqa...