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Friday, February 16, 2007

Presented without further comment from the public record, Part 2

Transcript: Joint Review Panel for the Mackenzie Gas Project – Public Hearing

MEMBER GREENLAND: Barry Greenland. And I'm just going to provide you with a scenario.

Say, for instance, the proposed project does go through and you have this massive camp down by Colville Lake. And because nobody has a clue of the personalities that are coming in to work within the area -- you don't know the personalities of the individuals. You don't know the background. So you can just about get anybody from anywhere working within the region.

And a camp being that close to a community, say something bad -- tragic was to take place, like, you know, a hostage taking in one of the homes, and, you know, the seriousness of it when there's no policing in the community and there's no way of getting into that community due to bad weather.

Using a scenario such as that, what would happen or how would the situation be dealt with?

S/SGT. HALINA: Don Halina. It's our understanding that there won't be any project-related camps in the Colville Lake area, per se.