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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Welcome, Lyndsy

I've added another blog to the links list. Welcome, Lyndsy. I don't know what your parents had against vowels in first names (I almost automatically copy-edited it to "Lindsay", which would have been very uncool of me), but I like your writing. We'll meet in a month and a half. Yes, I am just as much of a loser in person as I am in cyberspace.

This sounds obvious, but one way to become a better writer is to write every day. When I started this blog I decided that I would do at least one post a day, even though I wasn't sure that I would have enough to write about. It is funny, but the more I write, the more I have to write. I hope you'll continue with your blog.


Anonymous said...

Awww, you're swell! I have found it true that the more I write the more there is there is to write. It's strange: in my life I've had several books to read at once, but this is the first time I have several journals going at once.

As for the spelling of my name: my parents have never told me why they chose that spelling. I did discover once that it is actually a German/English spelling, which is fitting since both sides of my family hailed from Germany during colonial times.

Anonymous said...

Ya, it's kinda like how if you don't talk to a friend for a while, it seems like you no longer have as much to talk to them about, while you can keep rambling on about nearly nothing with the friends you see every day... Except that now we no longer have friends... Just a keyboard & a mouse...


Steve & Megan said...

Nearly nothing? Are you saying something about the content of this blog?