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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Nate's secret admirer

Megan: so it appears that you have a secret admirer
Nathan: hmmmm
Megan: I laughed until my belly hurt last night.
Nathan: its steve
Megan: what?
Megan: Ben and I took over Steve's account last night and sent an e-mail to Sexy Nate and signed it with your name.
Megan: Steve says Sexy Nate didn't write us back.
Nathan: he wrote ME
Megan: no, we wrote to the sexy nate account.
Nathan: & he wrote me
Megan: sexy nate?
Nathan: ya....dont kno who it couyld be
Nathan: ok....FREAK ME OUT....meg go to the site the guy left on my blog
Megan: what site?
Nathan: on the MP3 comment #4
Megan: ben and i saw that last night.
Megan: we laughed for about two hours.
Nathan: who would know where to find a video like that? tell steve if its him he's getting toooooo into it!!
Megan: that's what showed up after we sent the e-mail from steve's account.
Nathan: ya
Megan: wait are you saying this is not all from you?
Megan: Ben and I were convinced this was all from you
Nathan: ???
Megan: we thought that the comment, the video and the Britney link were all part of the same joke.
Nathan: i wouldnt do that
Megan: no?
Megan: are you serious?
Nathan: DUH!!!
Nathan: the video WAS my joke
Nathan: well its obviously someone I know who just set up that account cuz he says his name is Josh, but his email is sexynate
Megan: sorry, this whole thing is too funny.
Megan: I am laughing so hard I am actually crying.
Megan: wait, he told you what his name is?
Megan: ah, here's the e-mail we sent:
Megan: Dear Sexy Nathan, I have never done this before. Please send me a pic. Somehow I know that u r just as hott as u r in my dreams. Hopefully yours, Sansthespam
Megan: seriously, did you get an e-mail?
Nathan: ya
Megan: really?
Megane: what does it say?
Nathan: Hey Nathan,

Thanks for the JT PIC...I think he is sooo hawt!

I hope this is really you and not your friend 'STEVE' or 'sansthespam'
trying to mess with me... I guess that is the risk you take when you
your email on a website that lots of people can access.

I have attached a 'real' pic of me...hope you will do the same.

I really like your blog postings, you seem really intellectual. This
me happy because I'm really tired of guys who just want me for my body.

I go to school part-time and I work at the GAP. What do you do?

I'm getting ready for a New Years Eve party at my friend Randi's
house... I
will let you know how is goes.



Megan: LOL
Nathan: Its obviously a joke
Megan: what is a JT PIC?
Megan: is that like a jpg picture?
Nathan: Justin Timberlake
Megan: you sent him a picture of Justin Timberlake???
Megan: what are you doing with pictures of Justin Timberlake???
Megan: HAHAHAHAHAH he sent you a picture???

Megan: LOL
Megan: that is ben!
Nathan: is it???
Megan: well now I'm not sure.
Megan: send it to mom and ask her.
Nathan: ya, but he's drunk in the pic
Megan: let's do this as a conference
Bobbi has joined the conference.
Megan: hey
Megan: I was sure it was Ben for a while, but he swore up and down that it wasn't him.
Nathan: what did ben say wasn't him....the pic?
Bobbi: I've got to see that!
Megan: ben said the whole thing wasn't him.
Megan: let's invite ben and ask
Nathan: whens the last time u were talking to him.......i think its his buddies
Megan: we were chatting for hours last night.
Megan: we wrote the e-mail to Sexy Nate together.
Nathan: its great to see the family becoming so close after sooooo many years of isolation
Megan: Nate, did you write back to Sexy Nate?
Megan: if you let someone write BEER on your face, you gotta be pretty wasted.
Nathan: very tru!
Megan: it sure looks a LOT like Ben.
Bobbi: But he would have to know Nate for it to be a joke
Bobbi: did Ben see this picture?
Megan: no
Bobbi: Nate can you send it to him?
Nathan: ya, when he gets on i will
Ben has joined the conference.
Megan: there you are!
Ben: hello
Megan: we know it is you!
Ben: what is me now?
Megan: you are sexy nate!
Bobbi: Ben have you seen the picture
Ben: are you accusing me of impersonating sexy nate again?
Nathan: its him
Nathan: its on your email now
Ben: lol, what's this picture from?
Megan: is that you?
Nathan: its you
Ben: no, it's not - I have a much hairer chest
Megan: riiiiight
Bobbi: I think He does
Ben: I also would not wear a hat backwards to save my life
Megan: I note that you are not disputing the BEER written in permanent marker on your forehead
Ben: well....that may or may not have happened
Nathan: but you were drunk....maybe they shaved your chest
Ben: it's would have to have grown back in overnight though
Ben: so what's this from anyway?
Ben: is this a communique from sexy nate?
Megan: Sexy Nate sent it to Nate.
Megan: so we have narrowed it is either Ben or someone who knows Ben.
Megan: I think it's your roommate.
Megan: OR MATT!!!
Bobbi: I wondered about Matt
Megan: ha!
Bobbi: I'll call him
Bobbi: still think it's Steven
Megan: Steve says it's not him.
Ben: well of course he says that
Megan: that is true...
Megan: hrm.
Megan: Ben, seriously, did anyone write BEER on your face and take your picture? where did this picture come from, if it's not you?
Ben: not that I'm aware of, no
Bobbi: He'd get the biggest kick out of watching us try to figure it out
Ben: I'm quite certain it's not me, although it definitely does look a lot like me
Bobbi: Matts getting in
Matt has joined the conference.
Megan: welcome.
Megan: are you sexy nate?
Matt: ahhhhh!
Matt: Kinda scary people
Bobbi: But Matt doesn't know what is going on
Nathan: or DOES he???
Matt: heh, hardly ever. It's a policy of mine
Megan: So, Matt, if we were all trying to figure something out, what do you THINK we would be talking about?
Megan: *intense stare*
Matt: hmmm... I would say that you are mostly talking about the recent political upheval in Iraq
Megan: wrong.
Megan: guess again.
Matt: haha
Matt: ski trip in colorado?
Bobbi: He doesn't know
Matt: why would I know
Megan: matt, go look at nate's blog
Matt: brb
Megan: it might be steve, but I would have seen this picture before.
Megan: I don't think I've ever been with Ben when he was loaded
Megan: Matt, now...
Megan: Nate, now...
Megan: Dad, now...
Megan: but not Bed
Megan: ben, sorry
Matt: what on EARTH am I looking for here?
Bobbi: go to the mp3 player
Bobbi: video comments
Ben: I swear, it's not me!
Bobbi: Ben are you sure? Maybe this is a picture of last year?
Ben: lol, thanks Mom
Bobbi: hahaahahahahahah
Ben: yes I'm quite certain
Nathan: well then its steve
Megan: I dunno...nate, write back to the guy and see if you get a response
Megan: Who here has seen Ben really really drunk?
Matt: I'm not sure about REALLY
Ben: I'm pretty sure none of you have, especially if "really drunk" means "drunk enough to get his chest shaved and not only not remember it, but be so hung over he doesn't notice it for the next week"
Matt: heh
Bobbi: still hard to say. Looks alot like a drunk Ben might look!
Megan: looks like a regular door in the background.
Megan: suspiciously like Ben locked himself out of residence and passed out standing up.
Nathan: exactly
Ben: it happens to the best of us
Bobbi: Ben, are the doors painted white at the dorm?
Ben: no
Matt: so drunk and apparently naked at some random house...
Megan: sounds like ben to me!
Ben: it does look remarkably like me, I will admit
Megan: It is some sort of institution...white walls and all.
Matt: and then there is that odd tatoo on the forehead...
Nathan: its a busch in his its american
Bobbi: It sure looks like Ben. the more I look at it the more it looks like him. but who would have a picture of Ben?
Megan: either Matt or ben's roommate
Megan: I don't know who else could possibly have a picture like that
Bobbi: Ben didn't send it so who did?
Matt: not I!
Matt: well, I am supposed to be on my way to a party and now I am late!
Megan: matt, this is more fun than a party
Megan: or should I say SEXY NATE???
Matt: why are you calling ME sexy nate?
Megan: I think you are the only one with motive and opportunity.
Matt: ME? heh, I am afraid that this wasn't me
Ben: no, just a lookalike
Ben: the face is eerily similar, but there's no way I would have not noticed my chest being shaved
Matt: IS you chest shaved?
Bobbi: Maybe he was younger?
Ben: lol no, it's not shaved
Matt: looks shaved to me!
Ben: I think you're just going to have to take my word for it, I don't know of any pictures of my chest online
Megan: is this maybe a picture from when Ben was 16 or so?
Bobbi: Maybe he will respond by e-mail again. there are 2 guys writing, right? Josh and sexynate.
Megan: wait, how do you know what his name is???
Megan: MOM???
Ben: the picture is titled "Josh"
Nathan: they're the same dude
Bobbi: ya josh's made-up email is sexynate
Ben: so wait, this guy is actually emailing you now Nate?
Megan: yeah Nate sent me the e-mail.
Nathan: yes...ben & its YOU!
Megan: ben!
Ben: what?
Matt: so WHAT is this guy e-mailing you?
Ben: jeez, it's like a game of clue in here
Megan: Hey Nathan, Thanks for the JT PIC...I think he is sooo hawt! I hope this is really you and not your friend 'STEVE' or 'sansthespam' trying to mess with me... I guess that is the risk you take when you post your email on a website that lots of people can access. I have attached a 'real' pic of me...hope you will do the same. I really like your blog postings, you seem really intellectual. This makes me happy because I'm really tired of guys who just want me for my body. I go to school part-time and I work at the GAP. What do you do? I'm getting ready for a New Years Eve party at my friend Randi's house... I will let you know how is goes. TTFN, Josh
Megan: *falls over laughing*
Nathan: wait a minute....MATT is going to a new years eve party!!!!!
Megan: matt?
Matt: HA
Megan: matt goes to school part-time!!!
Ben: who's JT?
Matt: I wouldn't have posted anything so grammaticaly incorrect!
Nathan: justin timberlake
Megan: and you spell grammatically incorrectly...
Nathan: i sent a pic as me
Bobbi: Nate! You sent Josh a picture of yourself???!!?
Nathan: no of JT
Matt: way to go Nate, now we have to deal with your creepy stalker dude
Matt: and I am actually late. I need to get my newfie slush from the freezer and head to the party
Ben: all right, later matt
Matt: have fun guys!
Matt has left the conference.
Bobbi: He says he's from Edmonton
Nathan: i noticed that
Megan: yeah, that doesn't make sense to me.
Nathan: must be steve.......who else would call me nate?
Bobbi: It is Steven
Nathan: its STEVE!!! Meg's in on it
Megan: Steve says it's not him...but that is possible, I guess.
Bobbi: where would he get that picture?
Megan: see, that's the thing. I have all of the pictures. I don't have this one.
Bobbi: was Steven on the internet at that time?
Megan: no, Steve was drywalling earlier and has been with a visitor for the last 2 hours or so.
Bobbi: then it can't be him
Nathan: it IS him.
Nathan: hmmmmm y r u covering for him??
Megan: it is possible.
Bobbi: It has got to be Steven
Megan: but I just don't see where he would have gotten that photo.
Megan: Ben, seriously, do you have a Flickr account or something Steve might have found?
Bobbi: I don't think that picture is Ben
Megan: really?
Ben: nope, no Flickr account, I don't keep or get pictures, besides, it's not me anyway
Nathan: i agree its just some random dude
Megan: yeah, I'm thinking that you're thinner than that, aren't you?
Megan: wait...are you saying that my husband trolls the Internet looking for pictures of drunk naked guys???
Ben: yes.
Megan: and videos of guys flexing their muscles?
Ben: that's exactly what we're saying
Megan: nate, ask him for another picture.
Nathan: NO!!!
Megan: I think it is just some random person.
Nathan: with that much spare time on thier hands?
Megan: I'm telling you, send the guy a picture and see what you get.
Bobbi: Megan!!!!
Megan: send one of matt.
Megan: or HEY send one of Ben and say that you are obviously meant to be together!
Bobbi: ahahahahahahahah
Bobbi: that would be hilarious!
Ben: I don't think I like the way this conversation is going

Nathan: see that meg
Megan: *falls down laughing*
Nathan: its a real dude then
Bobbi: WHAT?
Megan: at least we know it's not ben.
Megan: how did you get this?
Ben: wait what is it?
Nathan: just emailed it
Ben: he send you erotic photos of himself?
Megan: not really erotic
Megan: I have pictures of Nate's stalker saved on my hard drive.
Bobbi: Hey, Wait! Isn't that Jamie in the background?
Megan: who is Jamie?
Bobbi): Bens friend
Megan: REALLY???
Nathan: AHA!!!!!
Ben: did someone send me this picture so I can verify?
Megan: sent
Bobbi: Sorry Ben, I couldn't resist!
Megan:: that is not ben in the front.
Ben: lol, no that is most definitely not james
Nathan: she just gave u up ben
Megan: nate did you get this in an e-mail?
Nathan: ya
Megan: did you write back?
Nathan: not yet
Nathan: no its ben's friend
Ben: no it's not
Megan: how do you know that?
Nathan: it HAS to be
Nathan: STEVE!!
Nathan: well tell steve the jig is up
Megan: what?
Megan: is it Steve?
Nathan: yes
Megan: that would be HILARIOUS
Nathan: well, it totally is
Megan: I dunno. He is drywalling again.
Nathan: go check his hard drive for "josh.....& the recycle bin....he'd had to saved them to change the name
Megan: I am not going through his computer!
Megan: is this based on facts or your craziness?
Bobbi: I think it's Steven, these guys look like Newfoundlanders
Megan: no way is Steve keeping erotic photos of 18-year-old drunkards
Ben: i think it's either steve or megan
Megan: not me
Ben: because megan is clearly having an absolute blast with this
Megan: I admit, I think this is hilarious
Bobbi: Could be. Why would Steve have these pictures?
Megan: ok Steve is back.
Megan: I am gonna ask him
Bobbi: Ask him!
Nathan: he'll lie of course
Megan: he says of course.
Bobbi: of course?
Megan: he is mad at me for not helping drywall
Megan: geez!
Bobbi: he admits it?
Megan: not exactly.
Nathan: he's secretly laughing
Megan: very possible.
Megan: nate, write back.
Nathan: NO
Megan: was it just a picture or did he write anything?
Nathan: Hey Nathan, Sure...if your mom wants in that's cool with me. It will have to be next week though. I'm heading to Randi's party...I've attached a PIC of me and the way we are not dating. Can't wait to see your PIC! Josh
Bobbi: So what we are left with is this guy accidentally found your site, assumed you liked that band then assumed you were gay then sent you invitations. How do I get into the conversation? When you wrote in to him did you say something about your Mother wanting to meet him?
Nathan: i told him i was sending you the pic.....thinking it might be ben
Megan: well no wonder he thinks you're a weirdo.
Ben: all right people, I've got to go
Megan: bye ben!
Nathan: layyyyyyte ben.....
Ben has left the conference.
Bobbi: well it was fun
Bobbi: I have to go get something to eat
Nathan: well, i'm stumped
Megan: ok talk to you later.
Nathan has left the conference.
Bobbi has left the conference.


Mom said...

Too much! What a great afternoon!

Anonymous said...

Listen honey,

I know you're Nathan's sister, but please STOP posting my PICs and STOP talking about me! He is a big boi.

Nathan Holsapple said...

This is just a final check to ensure stevemegan is under the same time zone as I suspect. Very good work Meg, but I've narrowed the suspect down to as follows:

1) the person must own a computer & internet connection
2) the person must live in the NWT, as that is the timeline that matches the posts
3) the person likely has a "Government" job, thereby having lots of spare time on his/her hands.

Now you tell me who this describes? Nice job on not writing me this morning to see what "he" had written me too.... You were very interested in this subject yesterday, but seemingly not so much today? Perhaps because you were waiting on ME to initiate it, so you could act all surprised?!?! I may talk dumb, but I'm no fool!
(man, I feel like one on the Hardy Boys!)

Steve & Megan said...

Very funny. It is NOT me.

Matthew Holsapple said...

I don't know Nate. I kinda thought that if it were her she would rise to the comment about it being bad grammar...