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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Exciting news

Nate and Michelle are coming to visit! This is very exciting. We never have visitors. The last people to visit us were my parents, and that was almost five years ago in another town (which I dare not name because of the search engines, but it's much further north).

They are coming next weekend, and we are playing "tourist". I had not realized how frustrating this would be. When my parents visited, we went for a boat tour down the Mackenzie Delta and saw dozens of bald eagles. This was relatively easy, as the tour company was around the corner from my house.

This time, I'm a little annoyed. I saw an ad on CBC this morning advertising tourism to northern Canada. This struck me as fortuitous: exactly what I needed, when I needed it! I immediately went to the site.

It was not exactly what I needed. It has lots of beautiful pictures -- if you've never been north before, I highly recommend it. However, it was not great at answering my questions, like:

  • Can Michael go dog mushing?
  • How much will this cost?
  • When can we go?
It's possible that this information is available, just not in English. Matt, help!


Torq said...

Heh, I don't really think I am going to be much help here. I can SPEAK a little, a very little, Japanese. However, they have three separate alphabets so I never made much progress with the whole reading and writing portion!

Anonymous said...

And even in speaking Sarah seems to have you beat, right?

Torq said...

Ha! Says who? That's what SHE says. As I recall I was the one who did most of the talking. The only time that I remember her doing more of the talking was in this tiny bar in Hiroshima where I was berated by a middle aged businessman who called me "dog" repeatedly. It was clear that he was not interested in anything I had to say so I shut up.

The Blueberry Princess said...

Yeah, my perfectionism reared its ugly head in Japan. If I couldn't speak it perfectly, I didn't speak at all. Stupid! I think I'm getting better at controlling my perfectionist urges though. Maybe...

Steve & Megan said...

I had a little guitar when I was younger, much like Michael's. I quit when I was eight, because I wasn't as good as my dad.

Yeah, that was pretty dumb, especially considering that he was a professional at the time.