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Saturday, February 17, 2007

What's in my MP3 Player?


Amy H. said...

I played this and wasn't wuite sure what to make of it. Christian Rock. Hmmm... I thought perhaps it was an attempt to balance scale after having posted a Nirvana song for Valentines Day. I thought about it some more, then decided that I don't know you nearly well enough Megan. We should have lunch.

Amy H. said...

Sorry about the typos. Don't I know who's blog this is?

Steve & Megan said...


This is Christian pop more than Christian rock. This fellow is now one of the established stars, but I had most of his tapes 15 years ago and still download some of his stuff from time to time. I'm a sucker for a memory.

And yes, we should definitely have lunch.

Anonymous said... that Michael W. Smith? Wow, blast from the past. It was only yesterday that I pulled out some Third Day.

Glen said...

I feel the need to confess. There's some christian pop and gospel on my iPod. I think I'm remotely redeemed by the fact that one looks like doogie howser and the other one is Elvis.

Steve & Megan said...

Heck, I've been watching Michael W. Smith videos on YouTube all afternoon and into the evening.

I never claimed to be cool.