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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Giving the fans what they want

Let's face it: I'm in show business. I exist to amuse my vast audience. And there's one rule in show business: Do what the audience wants.

And through it all, your wishes have come through loud and clear. You want more David Hasselhoff. Well, I will just have to comply.

I am not joking about this. I actually receive e-mails asking for more videos -- the latest was a message from a co-worker suggesting that I should re-post OOGA-CHAKA-CHAKA to celebrate a friend's upcoming nuptials. Now my brother Ben is in on the act. I have been trying to hold my ground and keep this from becoming a Hasselhoff fan site, but this is Web 2.0, after all. Users dictate content.

I think you will like this one. Not only is the costuming perfect (a leather jacket and ripped jeans? Be still, my heart!), the camera angles can't be beat. My favourites are the shots through the sunroof of the car. There is nothing like a bit of raggedy Hasselcrotch to brighten up a cloudy day.


Glen said...

Oh God - it's so bad, it's good.

However, I think the Hasselhoff is being very disrespectful to KITT.

KITT is what made him big, but David, you're supposed to dance WITH the one who brought ya, not ON the one who brought ya.

And that slide along the hood. Not even I found that attractive. And think how William Daniels must feel. I bet ya he had to take a shower after seeing that.