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Sunday, February 11, 2007


I shouldn't have posted the video just below this one without any explanation, but I am such a geek that I got hugely excited and wanted to make sure my mom saw the video. (This is true.)

The people in the video are not real. This is a combination of a YouTube show and an alternate-reality game (ARG). Steve and I have been watching it for months. We've even parodied it from time to time:

A Video Response
Steve, How Could You?
What's Up With That?

Bree and Daniel are on the run from a secret organization called the Order and their enforcement arm, OpAphid. We don't know, but we think that stands for Operation Analyze, Protect, Hinder, Infiltrate, Destroy. Op wants Bree to do a secret ceremony. She refused to do the ceremony back in October and has been in hiding ever since. Nobody knows what the ceremony is, but it seems like it has something to do with blood, because Bree was on a weird diet and getting Epogen shots back in the fall (Epogen is an anemia drug). Nobody knows why they want Bree so badly, but it is clear that there is something special about her -- they cannot just start over with someone else. Bree's dad was murdered in a parking lot, although he wasn't really her dad and her mom wasn't really her mom: they were both agents of the Order. (We don't know any more than this.) Gemma, the Op agent who was pretending to be Bree's friend, was revealed to be living in California (NOT England) and was also shot, this time by a mysterious figure named Brother, who is working with Tachyon, the secret agent who is trying to bring the entire Order down. Bree and Daniel spent some time living in an abandoned building and then went to live with Jonas, a fellow with tons of money whose parents died under mysterious circumstances. One evening, Daniel went bowling and lost his fake ID. Naturally, Op found it and used it to stake out the bowling alley and kidnap Daniel a few days later. I posted the next video here on the blog: the one that showed Daniel drugged and brainwashed, urging Bree to do the ceremony. Bree decided to trade herself for Daniel and to go through with the ceremony, leading to the video in the post below this one.

Whew! Good to know that you all understand. Now you can help me work on puzzles like:

  • What is the nature of the ceremony? What will it accomplish for the Order?
  • Why is Bree so special?
  • Who is Tachyon? Did her sister go through the ceremony 20 years ago? If so, what happened when her entire family disappeared?
  • Who is Jonas? What happened to his parents?
  • Where is Bree's mother?