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Sunday, February 11, 2007

A test in two parts: Part 2

Welcome back.

You did leave a comment, right? At the very least, you thought about what your reaction was, right?

Now, for the results:

Some people think Uriel is funny. Others think she is mean and unnecessarily targets vulnerable people just because of their religious beliefs, all for cheap laughs.

If you fall into either category, congratulations! You are not humour impaired, because you at least understood that the Uriel character is supposed to be funny and that I do not actually believe these things.

Sadly, more than a few of you have failed. Some of you are already making a mental note to start picketing influenza clinics, and others are wondering how you could have known me all these years without realizing that I am a crazy person.

I really do not know how to help you, but I've come up with a few ideas:

  • I could label all of my attempts at humour THIS IS A JOKE.
  • I could provide closed captioning for the humour impaired, like this: Only God can decide what's divine. He tells me what he thinks, so you can trust my interpretation. GOD DOES NOT ACTUALLY TALK TO ME. I AM MAKING FUN OF PEOPLE WHO SAY THEY KNOW WHAT GOD THINKS AND THAT HE CONVENIENTLY AGREES WITH THEM.
  • I could make people answer a skill-testing question before they can get into the blog, like the questions at the beginning of Leisure Suit Larry.
I am willing to accept other suggestions.