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Sunday, February 04, 2007

It was ME that fell

I've spent the past few hours looking for a way to embed a clip into this post, but have been unsuccessful. You are going to have to click this link and then press play on the new screen.

Go on. What, do you think I just put in links because I like the HTML code?

We all went to this movie by mistake when my cousins visited us in Montreal. They thought it was a different movie: a Google search tells me they probably thought it was Flight of the Navigator.

They were wrong. This is another movie nobody's ever heard of. You might think that I am some sort of art-house movie snob. Trust me, this is not the case -- I have watched The Phantom Menace dozens of times.

I think my parents, Nate and Matt may remember this movie. Ben was way too young. As I recall, he learned to say "duck" as we were driving to the cinema, because we had squeezed nine people into a station wagon with six seat belts, so three of us were in the back. When anyone saw les gendarmes, they would yell DUCK! and the three of us in the back would collapse to the floor so we wouldn't be seen. (Yes, we were hardened criminals.) Ben was probably about 18 months old, and he thought this was hilarious: duckduckduckduckduckduck.


Torq said...

This was that really weird movie about the plague right? Then there was something about a tunnel through the center of the earth. I also think that the ending of that movie was FANTASTIC!

I can't actually see the clip because I am supposed to be working, so I am only guessing that it is the film I remember.

Mom said...

I love this movie!

Steve & Megan said...

Mom, do you have a copy of it? You speak in the present tense.

Kevin Holsapple said...

Your mother does not have a copy, and she has tried (for years) to find a copy to rent. If you think about the large number of movies your mother has seen, you will appreciate the high praise she is giving this movie!