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Monday, October 13, 2008

Hello, John.

I'm very flattered. Really, I am.

I look forward to getting the real John McCain back after this election. I wish that none of this had happened. You would never have sold out this way. You would never have told those lies. You would never have dispatched people to attack magazines for NOT manipulating images of candidates.

You're above all of this. The Republican machine is disgusting, and I'm sorry you got caught up in it. In a month, this will all be over. I look forward to watching you work with President Obama. I think you'll do great things together.


Amy H. said...


Jackie S. Quire said...

Do tell what tracker you use! I've always wondered how you could "tell" what people visited your site when how and why.....

But never understood how you could do it.

Share your secrets, oh wise one.

Anonymous said...

You won't know when you get the "real John McCain," because you don't know the "real John McCain." You watched a character on TV, and apparently you liked it. Now you are watching a different character. These characters are created through a conspiracy between a campaign staff and a news staff, and therefore suit their common purposes. These purposes do not include revealing the "real John McCain."


Torq said...

*grins* have you been spending your time talking to Eric?

This is ultimately (perhaps unfortunately) true of course!

Megan said...

Dad really is starting to sound like Eric. The only thing missing is a reference to the Masons. (I read Eric's blog, by the way. I need to keep up on what the crazies are saying, and I always get my fill over there.)

I can't say that there is any conspiracy between campaign staff and news staff. This is going much too far for me. In fact, I think the opposite is true: the campaign's not getting the news coverage it wants.

The news media does play a role in finding "story lines" that they follow for days. Right now we are seeing "McCain's losing steam" stories; these will soon give way to "McCain's coming back!" stories.

Anonymous said...

I'm saying something you know to be true. You certainly know that political campaigns seek publicity, and you certainly know that news programs publicize, so you must agree that a presidential campaign is a collaborative effort between politicians and news programs. They are PARTNERS, trafficking in the fantasy of television. An intelligent voter will stay focussed on this truth.

Each (of course) operates for personal interest, and will happily betray the other (as Pres Clinton discovered, during the Lewinsky scandal).