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Friday, October 17, 2008

A message from Michael

Dear everyone,

I hope John McCain doesn't see this.

You should vote for Barack Obama. I watched the debate with my mom and he is better. And I just like him. Boo on John McCain. I think he might even be older than my grampy.

I called my grampy to tell him to vote for Barack Obama, but he was asleep, so I told my grammy to tell my grampy to vote for him. I really think he should be the president. I wish kids got to vote, because if we did, I would vote for Barack Obama. And did you know that he has two children? They are so lucky.

I told my grampy that I would go and visit him on Christmas if he votes for Barack Obama. That is even though I wanted to visit Daniel on Christmas.

I need to call more people and tell them to vote for him. Hang in there, Obama.


Anonymous said...

Indeed, I will vote for John McCain, even though I think he is too young for the job. Nonetheless, he is older than Barak Obama, therefore, he gets my vote.

Your mother will agree with me, when she gets older, and so will you. Just wait and see.

(P.S. No one is older than your Grampy.)