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Sunday, November 02, 2008

"Keeping it real since '76"

Entry #7 in the Being David Hasselhoff Contest is from Shawn, who has devoted her life to celebrating arts and culture. Obviously, it was just a matter of time before the contest drew her attention.

CHM™ Magazine International
A Publication of the Manly Group©

5021 Chesty Forest Rd

Hunkly, NJ


The ‘Interweb’

Arctic Canada

November 1, 2008

Dear Madam:

Here at CHM, we have been following your ‘Being David Hasselhoff’ contest with some interest, as many of our readers share your enthusiasm and interest in the art and career of ‘the Hoff’.

While we are likely ineligible to enter your contract as a wholly real, and not imaginary, corporation, we thought the attached clip from the October issue of CHM would be of interest to you. The ‘Top Ten Things You Never Knew About…’ feature is a recent addition to our publication, drawing in the MTV generation in this new millennium that does not have the time or attention span to read the more in-depth articles CHM once featured. In addition to the Hoff, TTTYNKA… has also recently featured such notables as Richie Sambora, Scott Bacula and Pete Sampras. We continue to draw attention to the importance of truly manly grooming and behaviour, and we are so glad your interweb site shares our enthusiasm.


JJ Jameson


Yes, you'll want to click that photo to ensure you appreciate the detail in this entry.

This is obviously the first step toward my goal of receiving grants from the Canada Council for my online David Hasselhoff shrine. I can hardly wait to be recognised as a True Canadian Ahtist.

The competition is in its final days. You're going to have to step up your game. I KNOW you have ideas: now it's up to you to decide what you really want to submit. If you have two great ideas, you can send them both.

The winner will get to take over my blog for the day. Second prize is a stormtrooper helmet. Third prize is a crocodile head. Yes, a real one. Send your entry to dryas at theedge dot ca or post it on your blog.

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Rob, Tina and the boys said...

How much time is left? I'm still looking for something for Colby (I'm going to rip my house apart today to find it) and then we will put in our picture.

Mongoose said...

Can we pick our prizes if we win? I'd rather have the baby crocodile head than the storm trooper. In fact, I was tempted to put together an entry just to get the baby crocodile head. (This was before you blackmailed me, of course...)