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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

"All of 'em, any of 'em that have been in front of me over all these years."

Reader-submitted question: Why do I just feel like slapping you till you answer a question in a informative manner?

First, I would like to thank Megan for allowing me this privilege of writing on this blog. It really is a joy to be able to work with someone on the other side of the aisle, which is something I have a long history of and that I think is really essential to our success as a country and as a nation. This great nation that I am so proud of and that I thank God every day that I am a part of it and a real leader who has the confidence and the readiness. That man is John McCain.

I am so glad that you asked me that question. Because, of course, there are people all over this great land who are asking questions and we need to support that, really that inquisitiveness and questioning that is so critical.

I have the experience that is needed to answer your question. And I've proved it many times. Just the other day I was reading my Starbucks cup for advice, and that's yet another way that I am the real deal. Other people are just seeing which way the wind blows. I am the only candidate who looks to caffeinated beverages and lattes and also coffees and other hot beverages and cold ones also to decide how to take this campaign. That's that maverick spirit.

You know what I like most about blogging and writing on the Internet and other forms of online communication also? I think it's important to talk to you without anyone else around. Not having anyone interrupt me to ask what I mean, but just to talk to a voter like you or a person who's thinking about voting without a filter and that is our biggest problem, my biggest problem, although I don't have a problem, it's been created by the media elite. Now I know what you're thinking, that anyone can read the Internet and even comment on it, and yeah, but here with my computer it's just me. And it FEELS real. And I have the confidence in that, and I know it in my gut that it's true, because I don't have years of experience like other people that I've been watching on TV since I was like in second grade. I know that this great country wants someone who knows what the Internet is, and that is why I have worked so hard to answer your question here on the computer and then post it to the Internet so you can read it on your computer or your Blackberry or your portable reading device also. That has to be taken into consideration.

Thank you for your question, and God bless America.


The Capitalist said...

H-o-l-y C-r-a-p!! I just saw Michelle Obama's interview on Larry King Live (Ya Republicans, I also saw Ms McCain's) and she never even cracked a smile! What a joke of an election!

Anonymous said...

One of the librarians at the high school I coach at printed that chart for me. And I threatened each of my kids that, if they ever debated like Palin, I'd have their hides. Now they have a visual aid.

Megan said...

Capitalist: No smiling? OMG. You know who smiles all the time? MEGHAN McCAIN!!!

Where is my ballot?

Amy said...

Megan, you are brilliant.

The Coconut Diaries said...

You can't fool me...the REAL Sarah Palin would've said maverick like 20 more times and you didn't even mention the oddly-named kids. Wait, did you just wink at me from the other side of my screen?