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Saturday, October 11, 2008

I really do like John McCain

Ignore the editorializing on this video. Just watch Mr. McCain.

I was reading about this trend in the elite media the other day. I am really glad I live in Canada.


Noelle said...

This is a better side of him, but I hate the way he responds to the woman who says, "he's an Arab" and McCain says, "no, he's not. He's a decent person." The implication there is that Arab = non decent person. I could go on about how he doesn't do enough to correct the woman, but the overall point is that his answer doesn't do much to sway this growing hate speech among the radical fringe of McCain supporters.

But it is nice to see that McCain is trying to put a stop to it.

Megan said...

I know what you're saying, and I felt the same way: a bit uncomfortable that he didn't go far enough. He said two things that are true: Obama's not "an Arab", and he's a decent person.

It's easy to make the leap that Arab=bad, but I really don't think that's where he was going. (That's clearly where this group of idiots was going, though.)

I was glad to see him snatch the microphone away from that woman and insist that Obama is a good person. These "supporters" are vile.

The Capitalist said...

The problem is that McCain's campaign (along with help from his buddies Limbaugh & O'Reilly) CREATED these vile supporters. McCain himself won't say those things, he leaves it up to others in his campaign, as is commonplace in US elections. He's relying on people to be dumb, but this the results you get when you give the dummies the microphone.

Curtis Groom said...

I'm "starting" to think that the McCain campaign is a experiment in the old addage about a infinite number of monkeys with a infinite number of typewriters. They've gone well beyond "things that make you go hrm" into "things that make you go WTF"

Anonymous said...

The media picture is not real. Nobody created these supporters. We are only now seeing more and more of them on the television, selected from the thousands and thousands of people who attend these rallies. The news media believe that these people epitomize the Republican party, at this point. That's the story (the template, as Megan likes to say it).
Of course, the tone of the McCain has gotten much lower, for one simple reason: we're losing.

Anonymous said...

McCain should be applauded for this. Of course the cynic in me notes that it didn't happen until a backlash, including some from some prominent members of the GOP, happened, and that it took some time before it this type of behaviour appeared. And that prior to the backlash this behaviour seemed to be fanned by the McCain campaign.

Of course they can't be responsible for the behaviour of those in the crowd, even those misogynists are in a small majority. They, of course, are responsible for how they respond to them, and this is a large step in the right direction.

Anonymous said...

Wondering what you make of this article?

Anonymous said...

"I am really glad I live in Canada."

You think these folks don't also live in Canada? They don't get on TELEVISION in Canada. Turn of your television, and talk to real people!


Megan said...

I rarely watch television, but I'm pretty sure the Paper of Record would mention it if people at rallies were yelling "Kill him!" or calling our political leaders traitors.

Anonymous said...

Check it out:

(It's not the paper of record in the Dominion of Canada, to be sure, but it has a reputation here, among the media elite.)

Perhaps you have been unduly influenced, by the right-wing hate radio being broadcast from below the border.


Amy H. said...

This is really scary. I think there are only one or two steps between this and the all out sect warfare that is happening in countries like Iraq. Democracy means that whomever wins, wins. You have to accept it. The disbelief about how Obama is climbing in the polls is what really gets me. It is impossible that people might like and respect the man, and think him a good leader. It must be fraud! No one would vote for this ARAB! He is cheating!