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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sarah Palin, Scientist

I've been pretty frustrated with the talk about the "wasteful" scientific spending through the earmark system. I'm no fan of earmarks, but the examples this idiot and my buddy John McCain have been using don't strike me as necessarily wasteful.

Research on fruit flies! Yes, what a waste! Genetic research should be done on HUMANS, not on animals. Maybe this particular study shouldn't be a national priority if there are other things that are more important -- I honestly don't know which one Ms. Palin is mocking -- but how else are we going to learn about genetic disorders? You can't say you want more treatments and tests for these disorders, while cutting funding for the research that would make them possible.

I also love the way she slips and reminds everyone of the Alaskan bridge earmark while railing against the earmark system.

I am embarrassed as a small-c conservative, an American, a woman and a human being.


scribe said...

Hopefully we won't have to be embarrassed after Nov. 4. Today's NY Times has a frightening story about her religious beliefs, "You Tube Videos Draw Attention to Palin's Faith." She is stupid, to be sure, but has certitude in her stupidity.

Way Way Up said...

Every time I've tried to sit down to do up a post on the US election, I end up throwing up my hands in despair. It just seems to get more and more foolish by the minute.

Is utter stupidity a prerequisite to run for elected office. From all that I've seen on both sides of the border over the past is.

The Capitalist said...

To run for 'elected office', one must show that he/she can fit in with the regular Joes. I do hope this answers the question posed by Way Way Up ("Is utter stupidity a prerequisite to run for elected office")

indigo said...

Joe Mulroney, Joe Dimaggio, Joe Stalin, Joe Campbell, Mary and Joe..............regular Joes?

The Capitalist said...

PS Meg: 7lbs, 14 oz.s

Tracey said...

Hi Megan

A bit off topic from the David Hasselhoff contest but thought you might think this article was as ridiculous as I did:

Hope you haven't seen it already.


Megan said...

Hilarious! Thanks for sending it on!