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Monday, November 03, 2008

Being David -- wow. Just -- wow.

Entry #9 in the Being David Hasselhoff Contest comes from Anonymous, who has left me speechless.

After this, the only thing I can say is that this contest is ending on Friday at 5pm Mountain Standard Time. And that the competition is fierce.

Very fierce.

Get your entries in. You know what to do.

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Being David Hasselhoff


Anonymous said...

Easy to miss the finger.

Anonymous said...

Never mind, I see Hasselhoff's hand is in that position.

Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

Hey, I thought us anti-hoffers out there said NO to the crazy dog picture!!! heheheheh

Amy H. said...

This is the funniest thing I have ever seen. Megs, you have the craziest readers ever! ever! ever!

Megan said...

Kiggavik: Yes, the attention to detail here is amazing. I am humbled.

Alex said...

hmmm does this mean I now have to take off my pants in order to have a chance in this contest?...

Anonymous said...

I love it! However I am now intimidated and will not enter.

Megan said...


No, no. You can enter in any medium. Nudity is not required, and it does not have to be photography. However, Anonymous gets points for gutsiness.

Seriously Frivolous said...

That takes dedication. And a whole heap of chutzpah.

akeeyu said...

And a fluffy dog for maximum coverage.

Amy H. said...

nyah nyah nyah nyah... i know who anonymous is and I read her blog every day, sometimes four times a day cause she posts a lot! I recognized her dog! HA!

Megan said...

Yeah, she knew that people who read her blog would recognise her.

I am really pleased with the variety in these posts. This is great. It's going to be tough to choose.

"Anonymous" said...

Yeah, the dog is a minor celebrity. A lot more people recognize her than me.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous -- You may now be more often recognized than your dog after this entry! Good work!

Eden said...

Holy shit, she looks so much like me I can't even deal! Also that is totally something I would do! If I had a dog! Which I don't!

Megan said...

Eden: You're right!

Get your entry in. That would be awesome.

"Anonymous" said...

Fellow anonymous: I bet not. I never go out dressed like that. Most people don't even know I have long hair.