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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

There's a man who leads a life of danger

Entry #14 in the Being David Hasselhoff contest is from Sarah, who has left me speechless.

And the original:

To quote Michael: "THAT'S Aunt Sarah? Wow."

I occasionally have trouble playing Google videos from inside the blog, but you DO NOT want to miss this. If you click on the little "Google Video" button on the lower right side and then select "Go To Google Video", you can watch Sarah's creation from a Google screen. Bonus: It's a larger screen.

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Anonymous said...

There's so much I don't understand in these blogs, but I certainly understand this: Sarahoff has clearly won any contest or competion. It's over.

You might (someday) become interested in the original artist who gave us "Secret Agent Man". His name is Johnny Rivers, and he was the master of what was called "blue-eyed soul".


The Blueberry Princess said...

I had so much fun making this video! I was going to do something much simpler until Matt got involved and really took the project to the next level. He doesn't seem to want any credit, but he played a huge role. Don't let him fool you!

Karan said...

That's wild!!

Good job, Sarah.

Glen said...

I have to say that "I'm no judge", at least not yet anyways, but I think we have a runaway winner!

Karen said...

I think it is charming that your family members are willing to go to such lengths to indulge your rampant Hoff fantasies/delusions/whatever you're calling it this time...Sarah (and Matt) have really put in the work on this if we could only harness all that Hoff contest energy towards a societally meaningful goal...

Torq said...

Shhh! There was no "Matt" involved with that project! If you keep that up you will give "Matts" everywhere a bad name!

Oh, and as for indulging "Teh Crazy," you have to understand that there is a LOT of crazy mixed up in that nutty gene pool.