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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Consider the debate a tie

Reader-submitted: Get away from your hate mail for a few minutes and go and see the debate from SNL last night. Fey/Palin was brilliant.

I may not answer your question, but I plan to speak directly to the people who read this blog. For example, I haven't prepared a response to this particular question, and I'm definitely not able to think on my feet, so I'm going to write about being a maverick.

This is a maverick blog and you never know what's going to be here. That's the real strength I bring to this blog. Other people write about one thing. Not me. Some people are serious about speaking in sentences. Those people are the media elite, and they have shut me out. I think it's really interesting that I get these questions about my qualifications that would NEVER be asked of a man. That is the deep, deep sexism that runs so deep in this country. Would you like a coquettish wink? Because I wink at men when I don't make any sense. I think it makes me adorable.

Now, remember: Don't think about what the media elite say about this blog. I am a maverick and their opinions don't matter to you and me. I speak directly to you, and yeah.


Ricki said...

Are you sure you didn't write for that opening bit on SNL last night??

Megan said...

Ricki, that is a good question and one that is being asked all across this great land, uh, America. People like you and me. We're asking those questions and that is so important. I appreciate that and I believe the American people appreciate that, too. And also, the Israel. She is a good friend to us and we can never lose sight of that.

Curtis Groom said...

Why do I just feel like slapping you till you answer a question in a informative manner?
Take Care

Megan said...

Curtis, you bring an important perspective, and that is one that we do not see very often. I applaud your courage. And your bravery. And not only that, but also your courage. That is the sort of thing our country was based on. And that has to be considered also.

But it is bigger than a perspective that you hold. And that is because of the health-care reform that I intend to do and the taxes.

Curtis Groom said...

I think you forgot "Mavrick" and "outsider".

Anonymous said...

I just played the "maverick" drinking game on your post and now I'm drunk at work. Thanks alot!