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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

More from Michael

My mom has a movie that is a concert!

The story of a movie is called the plot. And this plot is about a girl who likes to be fancy, a boy who likes to play the guitar, and an old guy who plays the drums and looks like my poppy. And there is another guy who plays the drums but is not the best drummer in the world.

My grampy used to be in a band and play the guitar like the boy in the movie. But this boy can play his guitar just by hitting it! And I thought he was gonna smash his guitar but he didn't.

I am going to talk to my music teacher so I can learn how to play an instrument and be in a band like the one in the movie. I think that would be good. My favourite guy is the drummer. I like to watch him play the drums. And I think he is the best drummer in the world even though the main movie is about the girl.

My mom says you have to practise for an hour every day to be in a band. That is a lot. But I think I would like it.

I think the girl is young. Not like the old guy who plays the drums. And I think the guy who plays guitar is old, too. The girl is young and she plays the tambourine. She likes to dress up in capes and dance around and it looks like she has wings.

Love, Michael


Anonymous said...

Hey, Michael, your parents should get you a drum set. My roommate just got one and he practices every day. Sometimes he has friends visit and they play guitar or bass with him. That helps my roommate do better on the drums.

Torq said...

You actually know a lot of very musical people Michael! Your Aunt Sarah says that she is going to teach me how to play a type of musical instrument called the alto saxophone. Maybe if I practice for an hour every day and you practice for an hour every day, we can play music with grampy the next time we visit!

Anonymous said...

And Sarah can play piano or sing!

Grampy said...

Hi Michael,
Grammy and I just got back from a Greek restaurant, where we went to hear a man play the bouzouki. It's sort of a Greek mandolin. If you come down for Christmas, or any other time, we'll take you to hear it (the Mexican restaurant we went to has closed).