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Friday, October 31, 2008

Being David Hasselwoof

The Being David Hasselhoff Contest has jumped the species barrier. Entry #5 is from Cayley.

OH… it’s “Being David Hasselhoff” – I thought the contest was “eating David Hasselhoff”.

My, my. Eating David Hasselhoff would be an entirely different sort of contest. I'm not sure what sort of blog you guys think this is.

I do know that you want to prove that you are David Hasselhoff, though. Send your proof directly to me: dryas at theedge dot ca. Or post it on your own blog and send me the link.

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Being David Hasselhoff


Karan said...

Obviously, even though he may look like a harmless, cuddly Gund bear, this little guy can chew up a grown man just like a hamburger. Having him on my street makes me feel safe and proud.