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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Canadians: Stop reading my blog. Go and vote.


Ricki said...

If we must. (Not that I like our choices any better than the Americans'. . . .but I suppose we have to choose SOMEONE, right?)

Amy H. said...

If you don't like the candidates, do something about it. Like become a candidate yourself. Say what you think is important, try and make a difference. I don't understand the apathy! Get involved if what you are seeing doesn't please you!

Anonymous said...

I'm voting Green because I like May and her campaign.
Dion's bumbling appeals to me but the fed Libs have messed up too many times and really shouldn't get another chance.
Harper is a bully and too disconnected from what I care about.
Layton is just too much of a goody two shoes and a tattle tale.

Alex said...

but but...I already voted this morning...and I did like you said I tried to go vote again....they told me to leave...then they got mad and told me I couldn't vote anymore...ever....I'm so cold....