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Friday, October 24, 2008

Even more fun

What first-time visitors to my other blog are looking for:

i don't care what you say (over and over)
I am angry at my children
celebrity endorsement from god (and) god of winner
atheists are stupid
what to do without god
wash my hands in innocence (LOTS of people are looking for this)
massah and meribah
the land will vomit them out (I use this phrase sarcastically, but it pops up in my stats often enough that I have to assume that some people do not)
screw you guys (another favourite)
fertility is a gift (and) "i want lots of babies" (and) why wasn't birth control allowed (and) is birth control enough? (and) do dermatologists ask for proof of birth control
it is very hard to be me
when are things going to change god
warning in case of rapture this vehicle will be unmanned

What a cheerful group they are.


Anonymous said...

Wait... you mean that's what they search for on Google?

Megan said...

Yes. This isn't a complete list, though.

This blog also gets a lot of searches for my name (usually misspelled) and for variations on "snow-covered hills".

Amy H. said...

I agree. Atheists are stupid.