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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Steve, how could you?


Matthew Holsapple said...

There seems to be a great deal of controversy over TV's these days. I just thought I would chip in with my TV size. You know, just to put all of this in perspective. It's a whopping 10 inches! The antenna that we had to hook up to the top, to get the one channel that we do get, is an enormous metallic growth that is at least three times the size of the actual TV. I would just like to make you all aware that, as a member of the TTV (Tiny TV) association, I have found your remarks to be cruel and bigoted! I felt attacked personally by these statements and will expect restitution in the form of a new TV. You will be contacted by my legal counsel.

- Matt

elbillug said...

How can he be so insensitive? I can't remember ever feeling this sad.