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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Round 2 of the Being David Hasselhoff Contest...

...will begin tomorrow.


First prize: You get to take over my blog for the WHOLE DAY. Yes. You can even write all about how much you think I suck. (I bet THAT will get some creative juices flowing.)

Second prize: A life-sized stormtrooper helmet. Think how impressed your friends will be when you show up at the next block party wearing it!

If you have a blog, you get link love when you submit your entry.

Tomorrow I'll put up a post announcing the start of the contest. While you're waiting, check out the entries that were submitted last time. The same rules will apply: Send me proof that you are David Hasselhoff. I'll review the entries and choose a winner and a runner-up. Both will get tremendous bragging rights as well as fame.


Mongoose said...

Well I've got the hairy legs and the dog... Too bad I don't have my camera tripod with me. How long does this contest run?

Megan said...

Last time, the contest went for two weeks.

You don't have to do this PARTICULAR picture, though. There are lots of options. It doesn't even have to be photography.

Ricki said...

Well, OF COURSE you did! The resemblance is uncanny. (Unfortunately, I used up my one DH connection with the first contest. . .will have to think on it).

Megan said...

Did you ever find the photo?