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Sunday, October 19, 2008

I feel sorry for Joe the Plumber

Yes, even though his name's not Joe and he's not a plumber.

All the guy did was ask a candidate a question. He overstated his case because he wanted to make the candidate squirm. This much is obvious.

The next thing he knows, he's a media sensation. Reporters are vetting him! They're digging into his tax records and checking on his licenses. The guy has basically had his reputation dragged through the mud.

Come on, now! As Jon Stewart pointed out, he's done more interviews than Sarah Palin has. He's just a regular guy who asked a question, and he doesn't deserve the scrutiny of the national media. The networks need to leave him alone. We're getting sidetracked from the main issue. Joe the Plumber is just a distraction.

Really, he should pay his taxes, though. And he shouldn't be doing work he's not licensed to do.


scribe said...

Sam, aka Joe, invited the reporters onto his front lawn. Joe has been making appearances at McCain rallies, spouting off like he's an expert on anything. Joe has been on the Today Show, Fox News, GMA, etc... giving policy recommendations, for God's sake. He is fair game. Bring it on.

Cindy said...

Public liars always deserve to be exposed.

Megan said...

You both make good points. "Joe" the "plumber" openly courted the media attention for a while, and he did do interviews with the networks. At that point, it should have dawned on him that it wouldn't be a great idea to say anything that wasn't true.

Still, he's no more a policy expert than the student who asked Palin the "gotcha question" (*eyeroll*) about sending troops into Pakistan.

Can our news media get any lower? REALLY. When comedians are providing better political coverage than the networks, that's a problem.

I think "liar" is a bit of a strong word, especially in the context of this election. "Joe" overstated his case when he was talking to Obama, never thinking that he would be called on it. His biggest mistake was in repeating the lie. But then, we've seen that that's not above Ms. Palin, so perhaps we shouldn't expect anything better from her supporters. Thanks, but no thanks.