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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Some people stand in the darkness

Glen has taken the Being David Hasselhoff contest up another notch. Entry #3 is a song to the tune of "I Am The Warrior".

Original song:

New lyrics (SING ALONG!):

I run, so slow
It's a skill...that you don’t know

Running hunky thighs

I bet you're not so exercised

Well, it’s my love..that you need

A wild need like a growing weed

Break out of East Germany

And follow my career’s meteor rise

I am your man.....a star in your eyes


Shootin' on the sets of Baywatch, splash, splash, I am the Hasselhoff

Well I am the Hasselhoff, and heart to heart you'll win…if you survive the Hasselhoff....the Hasselhoff

You talk, talk, you talk to me

Your eyes touch me physically

Stay with me, we'll take the night

As passion takes another bite, oh

Who's the singer...with the fame?

You hear the my name

I keep them Germany

You can’t ever tame my animal style…

I won't be caged...I’m the call of the wild....

Repeat Chorus

I am the Hasselhoff

(Guitar Break – picture the Hoff’s dance moves here)

Shootin' on the sets of Baywatch (shootin' on the sets of baywatch)
The Hasselhoff.....

I am the Hasselhoff, and heart to heart you’ll win

heart to heart you’ll win...if you survive

The Hasselhoff...the Hasselhoff

shootin' on the sets of Baywatch, splash, splash, I am the Hasselhoff

yes I am the Hasselhoff and Germany is mine

(shootin' on the sets of baywatch)

The Hasselhoff...I am the Hasselhoff

Glen's blog, Granted Null, is a MUST READ. If you're the type who likes to check out the torts on a plaintiff, you should definitely click that link.

Metaphorically, you're sitting on the beach, watching everyone else frolic in the water. It's time to drop your towel and jump in the ocean! Send your Being David Hasselhoff submission to dryas (at) theedge (dot) ca, or post it in the comments box, or put it on your own blog and send me the link. Don't be afraid: someone will rescue you if you start to sink.

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akeeyu said...

I've always limited my Hoff imitation (hoffmitation?) to driving like Michael Knight (I have been known to yell "Super Pursuit Mode!" while mashing on the accelerator, because I AM that dorky).

I'm sure you've already seen this, yes?

You've got to love the eyeliner.

Megan said...

Great stuff. The "star" of that movie is Marjoe Gortner, from the documentary Marjoe.

Nicole in Kuwait said...

Big giggle :D!

Megan said...

Nicole: Let's see what you've got! :)

Karan said...

Wow - I feel like I should just stop writing now. How can I ever compete with this kind of imagination?

As an aside, just what the hell was wrong with people in the 80s? Sadly, I recall having a discussion with someone in the campus pub who thought this particular video was highly artistic . . .

Megan said...

Karan, you look awesome in your leather pants. Being David Hasselhoff shouldn't be much of a stretch for you. He's hot, you're hot: It's hard to tell the difference between you.