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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Steve takes the US citizenship test


lydia said...

Megan - it's Lydia (one of the posters at NGB). Email me when you get a chance, okay? Thanks! c

Anonymous said...

Steve, I think Megan just killed two birds with one stone. If we look at the video before this, you asked our opinions on both the idea of buying property in Florida and your hair. Um, no citizenship, no house in Florida. Aaaand, your hair is gone.

While I think the Florida property sounds cool, Megan wins. For now.

Ben Holsapple said...

Way to go, Megan! Now THAT's how we restore the United States' policy of cultural imperialism!

Require the native peoples to be versed in our cultural heritage, and publicly humiliate them when they don't act American enough.