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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Welcome, Eye Weekly readers

You may be interested in my posts about:

Regular readers who follow my press clippings (and really, who doesn't?): I have been linked and quoted in Toronto's Eye Weekly.


Karen said...


You want to submit Eye readers to the Hasselhoff contest? Really? I thought you would aim so much higher....

Personally, I loved the quote about vapidness. Eckler continues to do a large disservice to Jewish (Canadian) Princesses, who really do deserve better than that. And even if her publicist is correct, and she "likes being outrageous", one has to wonder why.

Well done MH!! You are moving into ironic black-clad, hip Toronto circles despite your best efforts to resist ( I understand the Hoff thing, keeping the hipsters at bay...)

Panic said...

Why are people giving print space to this? It hurts my head. :(

towniebastard said...

Great, I had successfully put Eckler out of my brain for many months now. However, having read that piece and her piece in Macleans, I can feel the hate rising again. I may have to write something just to get the taste of bile out of my throat.

Scribbler said...

For all those who are missing NineGramBrain, may I present Toronto Scrum!
Toronto Scrum is a new blog, intended to provide a kinder, gentler forum for all those NGB fans who are now homeless.

Megan said...

I cannot vouch for the blog linked above, but the author is NOT coming from the IP address in Toronto that has caught my eye a few times. I'm not sure if that helps.

Aurelia said...

Just waiting to see if she really does write about the parents at her kid's school. Talk about trying to make enemies instead of friends!

I mean hello---does she want her kid to stay at the school at all? Get a playdate? Or get into another good school someday? It's not about her anymore, it's about her child's future welfare. Sigh....pathetic.