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Monday, January 28, 2008

Happy birthday, Capitalist


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Nathan.

(So, that's Justin Timberlake....
Well, I have to admit: the Yardbirds couldn't dance like that.)


Ben Holsapple said...

I don't usually notice this kind of thing, he wearing sneakers with a suit? I'm not exactly what you'd call well versed in fashion, but if I can't wear sandals with socks, it seems to me that this tool shouldn't be able to wear sneakers with a suit either.

I guess I'm just jealous.

Happy Birthday, Nate!

Megan said...

This is just a guess, but I bet it is half practical, half strategic.

That floor looks slippery. He'd look pretty dumb if he fell over.

The white reminds me of Michael Jackson's white socks, which drew attention to his feet and his rockin' dance moves.

But maybe I've missed an important style shift. Are there any J. Timb fans out there who can shed some light on this?