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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Very Important Message

Today I am announcing the Formal End Date of the Being David Hasselhoff contest. The capital letters are just there to remind you that This Is Serious.

After two weeks, the contest will end at 5pm Mountain Standard Time on Wednesday, January 23, 2008. That will give our judge time to review the entries on Thursday and report back with a winner.

Oh yes, I have a judge. And I think you'll be impressed. Stay tuned for this exciting announcement.

While you're waiting, your heart pounding from this news, think about how to prove that you are David Hasselhoff. You have to send me the proof. It has to be creative. I know you're up for this challenge. Consider the immediate benefits:

  • Fame. The entries are posted on my blog, where 4.39 million people see them.
  • Link love. If you have a blog, I'll link to you.
  • Confirmation that you are not alone in your belief that David Hasselhoff is perhaps the last True Hero of our time.
And you might win! How awesome would THAT be? The winner will get to write on my blog. Think of the possibilities! Can you handle the crush of readers? Are you ready for that sort of scrutiny? Trust me, they'll start to ask you weird questions about whether your feet smell and complain about your font size. You, in turn, get to ridicule them publicly. This is Web 2.0. It's a fair trade-off.

If you don't win, well, at least 4.39 million people will know that you are David Hasselhoff. And if you're the best loser of them all, you're still a winner: The runner-up will receive a Donny Osmond CD. It is so awesome that Steve has Sharpied his name on it out of fear that someone would break into our house and try to steal it. You know that's gotta be good stuff.