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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tell your friends

The Being David Hasselhoff contest ends tomorrow (Wednesday) at 5pm Mountain Standard Time. That means that I will not be accepting submissions after that time.

If you have something you want to send for the contest, do it right away. You can put in as many entries as you want, but they have to be in by 5:00.

  • E-mail them to dryas (at) theedge (dot) ca
  • Or post them in the comments box
  • Or post them on your own blog and let me know by e-mail or through the comments
Anything that comes in between now and 5:00 tomorrow afternoon will go up when I get home from work. (Yes, I have a job.) Our judge, code-named "Sheila" to protect her identity from those who would try to influence her, will be reviewing all of the entries on Thursday and will return with her decision when she's good and ready.

In case you were wondering: No, I have not become a media darling during the course of this contest. How is this possible? I have no idea. It's so typical of the mainstream media to ignore the Hoff and his many, many contributions to society.


The Blueberry Princess said...

Well, I've done it. Check out my blog to see how Hofferistic I really am.