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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Happy birthday, Dad


Ben Holsapple said...

Happy Birthday Dad! I swear, I didn't forget, I just...remembered spontaneously and thought this would be the best way to tell you. Yeah.

Nicole said...

And a happy birthday from a stranger in Kuwait

found via blog365RSS :)

Torq said...

Oh GREAT, now I need to make another of those long distance phone calls!

Megan said...

I guess we now know which of us is the best child! But we all knew that anyway.

Carry on with your video games, guys. I'll be over here, caring about my fellow man.

The Blueberry Princess said...

Happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

This is great, Megan. Did I ever tell you that you are my favorite child?

The Old Man

Torq said...

Finally. I kept pretending to be as nice as I could so that I might have a chance to win that contest. Now that it's over, it's murderen time!