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Monday, January 14, 2008

Public-service announcement

I interrupt this blog for an important message. The Canadian Blog Awards are underway. It's round one, and you can vote for the best blog in a number of categories.

Perhaps most importantly, THIS BLOG HAS BEEN NOMINATED. Go here to support me. You can only vote once in each category, so I'm sorry, Saskboy, but I voted for myself. (But I still love you!)

I will only make it through round one with your help. I'm totally serious. I can't do this on my own. Please click that link and vote for me. While you're there, vote for your favourite Canadian bloggers in all of the other categories. We've got some amazing talent up here and need to reward it.


Panic said...

You've totally got my support.

Saskboy said...

I'm like totally flabbergasted that you wouldn't vote for me and would choose yourself instead :-O


Megan said...

If David Hasselhoff moved to Saskatchewan, what would he wear?

Saskboy, this is a direct challenge!