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Friday, January 18, 2008

David Hasselhoff, Big Shot

Entry #11 in the Being David Hasselhoff contest comes from Anonymous. I'm not sure how he or she expects to collect his or her prize if he or she wins, especially since I HAVE FINALLY SECURED A JUDGE FOR THE CONTEST.

I happened to meet The Hoff a number of years ago, when he was shooting a movie.

He would be off-camera, talking to his business manager and agents, in person and on the phone, like a mogul. Then when they were ready to shoot his scene, he would grab his script, memorize the line in seconds, walk on, shoot it, and then go back to the phones and meetings.

At one point I heard him seriously ask his business guy..."how many shows do we have on the air right now?"

He was The Big Shot, at that time.

This story gives me chills. Seriously, did anyone doubt that David could memorize a line in seconds and be ready to shoot? With all of the talk about so-called "serious actors" who need months of prep work before blocking a scene, I almost lost my faith in True Theater. Once again, David Hasselhoff saves the day. Can someone put a medal on him?

Anonymous, if you win, you are going to have to prove your identity before you can claim your prize. That is especially true now that I have found the perfect Donny Osmond CD to send to the runner-up. Steve wrote his name on it at some point in the distant past, apparently out of concern that someone would try to steal it out of our CD rack here in the Arctic.

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Anonymous said...

I have to admit that I seem to be entered into a contest which I did not know existed, or I don't know anything about.

Which seems to be sortof like David Hasslehoff in his heyday. After all, he did not even know how many TV shows he had on the air at that time! He had Baywatch and reruns, and Baywatch Nights I think, and some show with a car, and a couple of other things, CD's, etc. The man was out of control.

He would just get flown from place to place and just read the lines.

But The Hoff did not need no rehearsal. He even had others rehearse for him on-camera! I am not kidding. Other people would literally BLOCK THE ACTING FOR HIM, and then Hasslehoff would LEARN THE BLOCKING FROM THE STAND-IN which was set by the director, when The Hoff was on the phone, or whatever. That is not a lie. It is true.

Anyone who knows Acting would realize how outrageous that is.

It could be that someone posting here, knew Hasselhoff's "stand-in" who did this. He may even know the same person who was his "photo-double" which means you literally ARE David Hasslehoff on-camera, maybe driving a car, or on a long-shot, etc.

So not only did The Hoff not need to rehearse, he would literally have the stand-in rehearse the scene and block it. Then the stand-in would give him the blocking seconds before he shot.
He instantly memorized his lines, or had them fed to him as he did them. He is pretty much a one-take guy, like Sinatra.

What we see now is but a pale shadow...