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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Step 4: We hire the worst actors in New York

Entry #2 in the Being David Hasselhoff contest is a photo from Steve.

Sadly, Steve does not have a website, so you'll have to believe me when I say that he is extremely cool.

I am accepting submissions for this contest through the comments box or by e-mail: dryas (at) theedge (dot) ca. You can also post on your blog and let me know through a link to your post. Anything creative will do. Perhaps you'd like to do your own version of OOGA-CHAKA and upload it to YouTube.

First prize is space on my blog, or, if you prefer, a blog swap for the day. Second prize is a Donnie Osmond CD. Go! Be creative!

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Nicole in Kuwait said...

This is awesome :D!!!

Torq said...

Looks suspiciously like someone burst in on him in the bathroom with a camera. Who would do something like that? Hmmmmmm?