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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Hate mail

It turns out that Little Miss Know-It-All is not universally loved. She offends the fragile egos of my readers. Reaction has ranged from the sweet:

I am afraid to type anything with You-Know-Who watching. She really does know everything!

to the defensive:

Your A Verbal Perfectionist.

The only thing we are missing is a troll who would pop in from time to time with epistles like U R STUPID AND I AM SMART CUZ I AM CANADIAN!

(My American readers likely missed the significance of the I AM CANADIAN proclamation in an earlier post. This is not some random observation. This is a rallying cry. It is from a beer commercial, so Canadians obviously had no choice but to adopt it as their unofficial national motto. Imagine what would happen if millions of Americans started saying "It's Miller Time" or "This Bud's For You" ALL THE FREAKING TIME, with no sense of irony. If you can imagine that, you are starting to get an idea of what it is like to live in Canada.)

Little Miss Know-It-All does not sit around trying to think up topics. Each post stems from a real-life incident that could have resulted in violence if not for this blog. As attractive as institutionalization seems when compared to my regular life, you really do not want me to start blogging from prison because Little Miss Know-It-All had to be silenced.


Matthew Holsapple said...

Of course there are those who go teh extra mile and CORRECT your shoddy grammar! Although after the extensive blackmailing I will not be one of THOSE foolish people again!

Matthew Holsapple said...

heh... I had to MISSPELL THE!!! I guess that is Karma for trying to be sly.