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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Welcome, Benjamin

Well, it's official: Everyone in my family has a blog, and all of my closest friends have blogs.

Benjamin is the latest to the party. He and I spent a few hours last night trying to figure out who Nate's new secret admirer is.

Ben is the youngest in my family and is in the middle of an engineering degree. I remember him as looking a lot like Michael does now, but that's because I moved out of the house when he was seven. Talking to him on the phone is always a bit of a shock, because I don't expect him to have a deep voice. When I call, he knows it's me, because I always start with "Um, is this Matt?".

Go and check out his blog. You all know Nate by now, but it appears that Matt has decided to start posting again. At least that's what I think his latest entry means. I can't tell. Does this mean that he is much smarter than me?


Anonymous said...

Dear Megan,
I believe you meant to ask, "Does this mean he is much smarter than I?" unless, of course, you intended your question to include its own answer.

Steve & Megan said...

This is true, but one of several things about which I do not worry.

I'm loving the screenname, by the way.