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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Being Russell Smith

Oh dear. Is it possible that LMK-i-A is even more persnickety than Russell Smith?

The self-appointed Canadian guru of fashion appears to be stretching his oeuvre. He is now critiquing grammar. Worse, he is willing to accept "impact" and "task" as verbs.

This could cause some rumblings. Little Miss Know-it-All is not a fashionista. She has exactly two pairs of shoes, and both are of the sensible variety. She buys pants with built-in creases because she does not trust herself to iron at all, let alone iron in a straight line. She would not be able to challenge Russell Smith in hand-to-manicured-hand combat.

Fortunately, LMK-i-A is confident in her belief that, although her V-neck tops may be a bit lower than Russell Smith would like, she is much better at critiquing grammar than he is.


Anonymous said...

Hear, hear! What have I been telling you? Find yourself a publisher. His words languish beside your sharp, pointed words.