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Friday, December 08, 2006

My brother thinks I need professional help

He says it's not normal to have what he calls an "alter ego who emerges from its cave, claws extended, maw dripping venom when people misuse words". He thinks I ought to get that checked out.

This is rich, coming from a person who terrorizes small children with tales of being stretched on a rack to compensate for an injury caused by a three-year-old bully.


Anonymous said...

Despite my own concordantly questionable psychological state, I remain inferred that my download of yours remains fulsomely accurate.

- Ben

Anonymous said...

Well, while I admit I may be a little slow on the uptake, it is becoming clear, even to me, that the brains of the family reside almost entirely with my siblings. Despite my lack of intelligence, I have been able to reason through this troublesome scenario and have come to a conclusion. Given that we all have the same genes, and thereby the same potential, I now have proof that I was not properly attended to as a child. While my parents worked hard to bring up my brothers & sister with the proper care, I was sidlined and forced to fend for myself. While I have admittedly accomplished an amazing ammount despite this complete lack of guidance, I will always look to 'the others' with resentment and envy. I hope you're happy Mom & Dad..... I hope you're happy...


Anonymous said...

Perhaps you could get some professional help, Nathan. A counselor might help you reach into your subconscious, and help you recover some of the hurtful memories, which you have obviously suppressed. For example, you don't seem to remember the Satanic ritual abuse.
Your Dad