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Monday, December 18, 2006

More from 2002

This feels really self-indulgent, but a couple of people in my family said they wanted to see the rest of the videos of Michael as a leetle leetle boy. I can't explain why I feel like this is different from the ones we take after supper, but here you go. Perhaps it is because they don't seek to tell a story.

These have been digitally altered because Steve took them with the camera twisted on its side. I have had to flip them, so the proportions are a bit different than normal.


Even then, Steve was working on his teaching skills. Here, you see him testing Michael's ability to recognize letters. I suspect that there is some cheating going on. If only I could prove my theory.


Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel was a favourite in my house when we were growing up. Here you see Michael "reading" it. It took him some time to figure out what reading was all about. First, we taught him the letters. Then we taught him the sounds they make. Then we tried to show him how to read those sounds one after the other: "Mmmmm-aaawwwww-mmmmmm. Mom!" This backfired and he thought that reading was all about talking really slowly: "IIIIIII wwwwwww-aaawwww-nnnnn-tttt cccccc-aaaaa-nnnnn-ddddd-yyyyyy. It says I want candy!"


This feels like a lifetime ago. This video was taken in our kitchen in I**vik, above the Arctic Circle.

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