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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Steve's first job in I**vik

As a follow-up to what I just posted, this is where Steve worked during our stay in I**vik.

We were still very new to town when he went for the interview. Before he left the house that morning, he asked me how he should respond if he was asked what salary he wanted. We decided that he should try to get $15 an hour. This was more money than we could imagine at the time - he had been making about half this amount after several years at a similar job in Newfoundland.

He was offered the job almost on the spot, with a starting salary of $20 an hour.

People who want to work will always be able to find work.

[Updated: I was popping up on a search engine because there was a community name in this post. I've added some asterisks so I don't show up on the search engine.]