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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

At the hospital (Mommy)

Ohmigod this is has been such a wreck of a day. I have been up since 5:23 this morning.

Michael's back tooth got infected a few months ago and it took until today to book a time for surgery. Gotta love Canadian health care. Someone was telling me that it is the best in the world. If we lived in Alaska it would probably have been over within a week, but it is our duty as Canadians to wait as long as possible so the infection has plenty of time to get worse. This is why they take $1000 off my paycheck every two weeks - so I can delude myself into thinking that our health care is free.

Sorry, I got off track there for a minute.

The first thing they did at the hospital was slap some Emla patches on his hands so he wouldn't feel the IV. Both hands - that way they have options in case the veins in one hand aren't cooperative.

The next thing they did was drug him. This is probably terrible, but Steve and I thought his stoned ramblings were very funny: "I wanna play a game. Whoa, hang on to me! I totally don't get this." (Stagger, stagger.) We are probably going straight into the lake of fire along with the people who purposely get their cats drunk.

I went into the operating room with him. They stuck a needle in his arm and gave him some gas, and he went very...limp. Un-alive. The nurse whisked me out of there, which was definitely all for the best because the sight of him like that was not good for my mental health.

Then I waited.

And waited.

And waited.

Two hours later they wheeled him back. His mouth was crusted shut with blood, and he was very dazed.

His tooth is huge, with three giant bloodied roots. Michael is very excited about this, because it means that the tooth fairy is coming to our house tonight. I used to get a quarter for my teeth, but I am reliably informed that inflation has kicked in since then. I think she is bringing a Yoda doll.